Transcend JetDrive 725: Memory and muscle


When your MacBook’s memory eventually fills up with videos, photos, and other files, and its performance is already slowing down because of the various apps stored in its system, what you can do is clean your MacBook’s cache, delete unused programs and files, and move some of your files to an external storage device. Sounds taxing to do? Transcend thinks it can offer a faster and better alternative: the Transcend JetDrive 725. The JetDrive 725 SSD promises to increase your storage space and boost your MacBook Pro’s performance. But will it deliver? To be honest, I have doubts at first whether the JetDrive 725 will make much difference to my MacBook Pro. But I should remember not to make judgements quickly because this 960GB SATA SSD delivers power and performance the moment I booted my Mac. SONY DSC The drive is light and sturdy. I have no problems with its size; it fit perfectly when inserted in my 2012 Macbook Pro. There is no drastic change in weight, only in terms of performance. Installing the JetDrive 725 is easy as Transcend already includes in the box two types of screwdrivers and a step-by-step guide that instructs you how to open your MacBook and copy over the data from your original drive to the JetDrive SSD. SONY DSC You’ll notice immediately the improvement in performance as you boot your device. At 960GB, it nearly quadruples the standard 225GB SSD that Apple offers on its older version Macbook Pros. You won’t see rainbow wheels or experience any delays even when opening memory-intensive apps like Photoshop and Premiere Pro. The additional storage space from the JetDrive 725 also gives a huge amount of extra space to put more files in the MacBook Pro. However, the JetDrive 725 is only compatible to mid-2012 MacBook Pros. You can try the other JetDrive models if you’re using a different MacBook variant. Check out the compatibility here:

JetDrive MacBook compatibility
There JetDrive 725 also comes with an enclosure case that is less than 0.5-inch thick and made of aluminum. You can pop inside the additional enclosure your old SSD and use it as an external storage device. It can be your Mac’s companion as it is pocketable, sleek, and solid. SONY DSC To monitor the JetDrive SSD’s health status and enable TRIM support, you can install the JetDrive Toolbox software that comes with the unit.

Words John Sosmeña