Apple iPhone 6s Plus: All juiced up


The Apple iPhone 6s Plus is a great device to replace any iPhone-and-iPad-mini combo because it has all the connectivity of an iPhone (now with the most LTE bands on any global smartphone) as well as high-speed MiMO Wi-Fi. While it looks identical to its predecessor, the iPhone 6s Plus is actually tougher and more resilient with Series 7000 aluminum, which is what Apple uses for the Apple Watch Sport. The new cover glass is the most scratch- and shatter-resistant yet. The iPhone 6s Plus is also water-resistant thanks to an internal seal, which should keep the device safe in the event that it gets dunked. Color choices include Space Grey, Silver, Gold, and a new Rose Gold variant. Apple iPhone 6s Plus Apple has delivered a one-two punch for the iPhone 6 this year. The iOS 9 adds oodles of refinements and improvements to the OS and makes it more proactive with better Siri integration and performance. What makes the iPhone 6s Plus work so well is that once you accept the larger size, the benefits are unmistakable. It has the best battery life on any iPhone, and I’ve been getting a day and a half on a full charge. And that’s with Apple Watch connected 24/7. Seeing videos, images, and games on the iPhone 6s Plus’ larger display is simply better. And once your eyes learn to feast on the almost 2K-resolution worth of information, anything else just feels smaller and inferior. For anyone who takes a lot of photos, the iPhone 6s Plus is the ultimate iPhone to consider. While it has the same 12-megapixel sensor and f/2.2 aperture lens as its predecessor, the iPhone 6s Plus boasts built-in optical image stabilization. I recorded an HD video of a man-on-the-street report using just an iPhone 6s Plus and a connected microphone, and the result looks as good as any video captured on a large, broadcast-quality camera.


More than a half-step: Apple iPhone 6s

Apple iPhone 6s Performance increase on the 4.7-inch Apple iPhone 6s is quite dramatic. It surpasses various Android flagships that boast more powerful processors and bigger RAM. Even the Touch ID feature, which was slow and somewhat inconsistent, resolves access within a split second. The camera department has gotten a long awaited upgrade. The iPhone 6s now has a larger 12-megapixel camera with better low-light performance and 4K video recording capability. The giant leap comes in the front facing camera. Now sporting a capable 5-megapixel sensor, it can effectively use the entire Retina Display as a flash, which can seriously up your selfie game. The key feature for iPhones in 2015 is 3D Touch. By adding a Taptic Engine and enabling apps to ‘sense’ the pressure of each finger pressing down, 3D Touch opens up a myriad of possibilities, and lets you access information from apps and popular programs faster. Pressing lightly opens a small window with various quick options or ‘Peeks.’ Press harder on a Peek, and it will quickly ‘Pop’ the specific item open. This all happens with a convincing vibration that emulates the feel of a button. It is the combination of all these features that helps Apple maintain its supremacy over competitors via the iPhone 6s. This device is hands down the best and most durable iPhone that Apple has ever made.

Review by Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla First published in Speed December 2015