Mitsubishi ASX GSR: He’s got the look

Review by Mike Potenciano First published in Speed January 2015

The great lineage of Mitsubishi’s Active Sport Crossover has endeared the ASX to us. The latest version has boasts a compact size, front wheel drive, great looking front fascia, and reprogrammed CVT transmission. I was lucky to drive the ASX to Anvaya Cove and see if it can hold its own against the competition. The best way to view the ASX is from the front with the huge honeycomb grille looking like the EVO X Lancer. The HID headlights wrap around the fenders up to the grille in a very aggressive style that makes it look like it was moving while standing still, and there are now LED Daytime Running Lights for the GSR. The 2.0L MIVEC engine is just right for the car’s size and livens up the car’s spirit. The engine revs fast and can hold its own in urban traffic. It is only when the car is fully loaded and/or you are climbing steep roads that you would like to have more power. The ASX GSR handles well on urban roads—until you have reached the speed limit where understeer is pronounced. The short wheelbase and soft suspension make it quite nimble around town until you find yourself too fast. The brakes are quite capable of slowing it down right away and keep you on the road. A little more tweaking to make the suspension harder lessen body lean will give the driver more confidence in the twisties. The modified CVT with Sportronic does a wonderful job of keeping the engine in its most efficient torque curve. This makes the ASX fun to drive and very civilized around town. Gone are the days when you can feel a lag between shifts and the power falling because of it. This is one well-matched drivetrain, and my only request is if we can have a little more power to really make the car a driver’s dream. The all-black interior and dashboard makes it very sporty and purposeful. With the great layout of gauges with the big tachometer and speedometer beside each other and the computer readout in the middle, the driver is always appraised of what’s happening. The steering wheel has highly appreciated tilt and forward/back adjustments. The seats have the right amount of side support and height adjustment to make most drivers happy. The best feature of the GSR variant is the new panoramic glass roof that is not common to cars in this segment. Having a huge view of the sky is very entertaining. The glass panel is fixed and therefore doesn’t open, but that gives less chance for water leakage.