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Nov2013_LetteroftheMonth300Every issue, Speed publishes select letters from our readers. Among the many email messages we receive, we choose one as Letter of the Month and award the sender a special gift. Be our next Letter of the Month and win a Garmin GCs worth P6,000! The winner will be announced in the December issue. Send your thoughts, suggestions, and/or comments about Speed to now.

Letter of the Month winner

Congratulations, Ian Castillo, for winning a Pacsafe Camsafe 200 anti-theft camera shoulder bag!

Keep up or get left behind

Dear Speed, The ubiquitous Nokia cellphones and desktop PCs with Microsoft Windows operating system were the standard high-tech gadgets when I was growing up. They ruled the tech world, so to speak. It’s indeed a different era now, and I waxed nostalgic when you featured Nokia and Windows. Their story sums up what technology is all about: Keep up or be left behind. The challenges those two now face from other players are formidable, but as you have shown, they are moving heaven and earth to stay in the race. The Lumia series and Windows 8 may indeed be their answer for their current generation of patrons. The recent purchase of Nokia by Microsoft may also be the strategic solution to the competition that is getting tighter by the day. Nokia and Windows may very well be featured in your “Why You Need Speed” section. Thank you, Speed, for keeping us abreast of technology that matters. Ian Castillo Also published in November:

Why I love Speed

Great day to all of you! I am Jeff and here is my story on how I came to know Speed. For starters, I’ve been a geek since I was a young boy. I love all things geeky, especially collecting comic books (and some science books). I love sci-fi movies and TV series. I love The Big Bang Theory and Fringe. But I hate magazines because they always show the lifestyle of today’s hottest actors and actresses, and I don’t give a damn about that. But I love my superheroes especially Spider-man and Superman. And that is how I discovered Speed. It was July of 2012 when I saw Spider-man on your cover. I immediately bought it. I couldn’t believe what I’ve been missing! Speed is so informative especially in the field of gadgets and automotive. I was amazed how Speed was able to give me tips on the right camera angle, the perfect Android phone that suits me, and everything under the sun. And what sealed the deal here of me becoming a loyal fan of Speed is when you featured Superman in June of this year. Awesome! I am now a Speeder (my version of a Speed fan). I always buy this fantastic magazine now not because it features superheroes but because it features things that are essential to us. Speed has lived up to my expectations and it’s truly technology for the fast-paced lifestyle. Thank you, Speed. You are one great teacher! Jeffrey Macabale