We Love Philippines campaign brings Sharp to every Juan

We Love Philippines Sharp For Every Juan

Sharp Philippines Corporation (SPC) launched its “We love Philippines” Campaign last June 12, 2018, the 120th year of Philippine Independence.

For the past 36 years, SPC has been manufacturing color televisions, washing machines, electric fans, and karaokes, and consistently remained strong in the market. These products have already became part of the Filipino life and contributed to the country’s economy. Since 1982, Sharp has already produced 3.9 million units of color TV, 8.2 million units of washing machine and 2.1 million units of karaoke.

As announced by its President and General Manager, Mr. Kazuo Kito, in a press launch last May, SPC will start its “We love Philippines” Campaign in July of this year. The campaign is one of the strategies of Sharp to promote the importance of supporting Philippine Made products.

Through “We Love Philippines,” SPC will show their appreciation to its loyal Filipino customers by giving exciting prizes and special promotion that will run for 120 days, from July 1 to end of October in commemoration with the Nation’s 120th year of Independence.

With its strong manufacturing operations and backed by Japan Technology, SPC commits to continuously provide new and exciting locally made products which contribute to the Philippine economy.