Ready for the world’s first in-display fingerprint reader?

Vivo in-display fingerprint reader at CES

Now that fingerprint scanning has become a standard feature on every smartphone, the next big step for manufacturers is to make their fingerprint technology the fastest, most accurate, and easiest to access.

Vivo takes the lead in terms of this mobile feature with the introduction of the world’s first in-display fingerprint reader. The new technology allows users to unlock their phone through one-touch fingerprint scanning directly on the screen display, promising a better and more convenient fingerprint authentication process in the company’s future devices.

Developed in partnership with Synaptics, Vivo’s in-display fingerprint scanning technology supports various usage scenarios beyond unlocking the smartphone and is only activated when needed. A graphical UI will show up on the screen every time that fingerprint recognition is required. Meanwhile, it will continue to be invisible when authentication is not needed to maintain the overall visual experience.

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The global smartphone brand first showcased the innovation at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada, where they also announced that it is already ready for mass production. The availability of Vivo’s first in-display fingerprint scanning smartphone will be announced in early 2018.

Words Justine Bernice Basco
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