Unioil launches Doing Our Part campaign

Unioil doing our part campaign
Unioil’s Janice Co-Roxas-Chua and Kenneth Pundanera promises to contribute small, meaningful actions for a cleaner and greener Philippines.

Filipinos can make a difference in society through their every action and responsible decision.

With its “Doing Our Part” campaign, Unioil Petroleum Philippines Inc. further encourages the Filipino people become more conscious with their actions, including choosing to use a cleaner fuel for their vehicles.

In line with the campaign, Unioil has introduced its Euro 5-compliant fuels to give consumers a cleaner and better alternative without the extra cost. This makes Unioil the first and only retail petroleum brand to provide the cleanest range of high performance fuels.

The Euro 5 compliant Unioil fuels gives motorists a range of fuels that have significantly less sulfur content at 10ppm (parts per million), which are five times cleaner than Euro 4 standard ones.

Based on actual tests conducted by the DENR-EMB, Unioil’s Euro 5 fuels can provide up to 77 percent less emissions compared to Euro 4 fuels. With this, motorists can get better engine performance  and making a conscious choice to contribute to the environment.

As part of the company’s efforts to reduce the carbon footprint from its own operations, Unioil has also began its “Hybrid” station program with the installation of Smartflower solar technology in one of its newest retail stations. The Smartflower features an automated sun tracking technology, which tracks the sun’s movements across the sky that results to as much as 40 percent higher efficiency compared to conventional fixed-type solar panels.

Together with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Unioil has also put up Airvisual nodes in selected locations to help monitor air quality. The petroleum company is also the first to have a commercially-available electric vehicle (EV) charger in one of its retail stations to advocate the use of more EVs.