Timberlake, Affleck test their luck in Runner Runner


A runner runner in poker means the cards you need to win are laid down on the very last moments—the fourth and fifth cards. In this movie, Richie Furst (Justin Timberlake) needs the same uncanny luck to dig himself out of his little gambling situation. Richie is a Princeton grad student swindled by an online gambling group. He hunts down his swindlers and finds himself in Costa Rica, confronting the group leader, gambling legend Ivan Block (Ben Affleck). Instead of a bloody face-off, Richie is bought in by promises of instant, limitless wealth and (surprise!) joins Ivan’s internet gambling team. The stakes prove to be too high when Richie finds out that the FBI is hunting down Ivan for racketeering, extortion, and robbery. The movie is reflection of the new American dream: to get rich and famous—real quick. With that mindset, even a “good guy” like Richie may end up making a big mistake. Runner Runner, a 20th Century Fox film distributed by Warner Bros., opens in cinemas on September 26, 2013. Words Elaine Cotoner