Say hello to Instagram’s new IGTV app


Instagram introduces a new evolution to its video- and photo-sharing platform: IGTV.

IGTV is a whole new app where users can upload and watch long-form, vertical videos.

Anyone can be a creator as long as you’re an Instagram user. You simply create your own personal channel by connecting it to your personal or business Instagram account. After that, you are now free to share videos up to one hour in length.

With IGTV, Instagram has now evolved far beyond simply filtering and sharing photos. From IG stories, the social media platform now sees a potential in something different. The vertical viewing format brings a modern viewing experience compared to the conventional landscape orientation. It is also built based on how you actually use your phone.

Instagram also raises 60-second limit to 60-minutes. Because, well, 60 seconds isn’t really enough for everyone. You can also save videos in your own channel and not worry about the 24-hour story duration.

Much like in a television, a video will automatically play when you open the app. The “channels,” which are the creators or Instagram accounts that you follow, will automatically show up for you to watch. What’s more is that creators can put links in the description of their videos to drive traffic elsewhere. So far there are no ads yet, but let’s see if they will add this feature soon.

To start using IGTV, make sure that your Instagram app is updated to the latest version. In the app, click on the TV button at the upper right (beside the Messages icon) to watch the videos. You’ll see the TV button pop up if people on your feed have posted something new. You can also download the IGTV app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Words Justine Bernice Basco