Pacific Eye & Laser Institute’s 20-minute cataract surgery


Speed scrubbed up and got a front-row, inside-the-ER seat at a cataract surgery that lasted for under 20 minutes. That’s right. Your eyes are not deceiving you. Pacific Eye & Laser Institute offers a cataract surgery that you only need to take a half-day leave for. Don’t have cataracts? The refractive lens exchange applies the same procedure and cures nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism—all in one go. It’s even better than Lasik treatment, says leading eye surgeon Dr. Harvey Uy. Because if you have the surgery early on, it will prevent cataracts that naturally come with old age. The procedure was fast because no cuts were made and no blood was shed. Only small incisions were made to remove the cataract, and then a Toric contact lens was placed inside the eye. The patient was only on a local anesthetic, so it’s really just as serious as having a tooth removed. The procedure also uses state-of-the-art, almost-Iron-Man-level technology from Carl Zeiss. The microscope used has a Jarvis-like display that aids the surgeon in putting the lens in the center of the eye. With this heads-up display, surgeons get it right the first time, and the patient won’t need glasses afterwards. Visit Pacific Eye & Laser Institute’s Facebook Page, Twitter page, official website, or clinics in Makati (50 Jupiter St., Bel-Air), Binondo (G/F Pacific Center 460 Quintin Paredes St.), or Quezon City (St. Luke’s Medical Center) for more information. Words Elaine Cotoner