Land Rover’s last Defender is your first heartbreak this February


January 29, 2016 (GMT +01:00) saw the last classic Land Rover Defender rolled off the production line, 68 years since it is first built. It is the end of an era for the iconic, boxy off-roader that started the 4×4 obsession of rest of the world. SONY DSC Factory crew from Land Rover’s Solihull production plant went quiet as the last defender started its engine and opened its lights after 56 hours of production, making it one of the most time-consuming Defenders ever built. As the station wagon rolled its wheels and honked its horn, the workers cheered as they celebrate almost 70 years of success and pride. Take a look at some of the last Land Rover Defender’s highlights and production after a 68-year run:   Since April 30, 1948, Jaguar Land Rover’s Defender has been brought home by some of the world’s most popular celebrities. Sir Paul McCartney, Queen Elizabeth II, Sean Connery, Ralph Lauren, Bill Muray, and Fidel Castro were some of the notable names that owned one of these soon-to-be collector’s items. People surmised that the station wagon, which has already been discontinued in the U.S. since 1997, is having difficulty keeping up with the meticulous regulations in emission and safety. But the car manufacturer offered no official statement yet as to why the Defender has ceased production Loyal Defender fans need not despair, though. At the same time the quintessential Defender signed off from the factory’s production halls, Land Rover announced its new Heritage Restoration Program and a very thorough tour of great Defenders of the past. The Heritage program, which will take base on the site of the existing Solihull factory, tasks a team of 12 experts to oversee the restoration of a number of Series Land Rovers from all around the globe. Land Rover will also offer the Land Rover Defender Heritage Limited edition together with approved, pre-owned Land Rover units and accessories, as well as bookings for a nostalgic test drive with the wagon. Here’s a peek of Land Rover Defender Heritage Limited Edition:

Words John Sosmeña