Docquity mobile app for medical professionals now in PH

Docquity mobile app

In the medical field, research and knowledge is very crucial—especially when lives depend on it. That’s why for doctors, nurses, and medical students and professionals, learning is a never ending process.

Docquity wants to help these medical practitioners and professionals. This invite-only mobile app provides an exclusive medical collaboration space where only validated users can join.

Here in the Philippines, Docquity aims to help medical experts and beginners interact by allowing them to share their knowledge and personal experiences on the platform. Thoughts shared on Docquity are indexed, so every time a doctor needs critical information, he/she can access it seamlessly with a trusted view of what other doctors have done in that certain situation.

The app also offers clinical discussions, peer consultations, and medico legal support for doctors. It functions like a dedicated and exclusive social media app for doctors.

“What we’ve done is taken the closed network concept of LinkedIn, coupled it with the real-time messaging functionality of WhatsApp, added a lot of security, and made it exclusively for doctors,” explains Docquity founder Indranil Roychowdhury

The app can be download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. You can also visit Docquity’s website and Facebook page.

Words Justine Bernice Basco
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