2nd-gen Kindle Paperwhite to roll out on Sept. 30


Amazon calls its new e-reader the “best device for reading, period.” With a screen that will probably live up to that promise, the Kindle Paperwhite will start shipping on September 30 and is priced at $199 (Wi-Fi) on the Amazon site. The 3G version, priced at $189, will be available starting November 5. This e-reader is not a totally new product. It just put sprinkles on top of the old Paperwhite, which is arguably on top of last year’s food chain. How is it better? It’s 25 percent faster with a processor upped to 1GHz from 800MHz. The touchscreen is 19 percent more responsive. And then there’s the Paperwhite display itself. The resolution might have stayed at 1,028 x 768, but the contrast is upped by 25 percent. And unlike a smartphone or tablet screen, this e-reader has no glare, even in bright lighting conditions, and can run up to eight weeks on a single charge. According to Amazon, it’s thinner than a pencil, lighter than a paperback, and 30 percent lighter than the iPad mini. All that would make it feel as if you’re reading a real book, hot off the press. There are also beyond-the-book features such as a Vocabulary Buidler, Goodreads Integration, and the Kindle FreeTime that tracks your progress and awards you if you reach your reading goals. Words Elaine Cotoner