How To: Take great photos this holiday season


The festivities aren’t over yet. There will be more reunions and parties as we welcome the New Year. This also means you still have more chances to take great photos with friends and families, and even to get a perfect photo of yourself so you can finally change your social media pages’ profile picture.

To make sure that you can have the best holiday mementos, Vivo shares these tips on how to take great photos with its latest smartphone offering, the Vivo V7.

1. Light up your holiday photos

Set that family photo and holiday portraits in a well-lit place in your home or the party’s venue so that everyone can be seen (and tagged) once the photo is shared to your digital friends.

But worry not. If all you have is a dimly lit events place, the Vivo V7 takes care of your photos with its 16MP rear camera with an f/2.0 aperture and LED flash. It also levels up your selfies with its 24MP front camera—one of the industry’s first—with its smart photography algorithms that produce clearer, sharper, and natural-looking photos.

2. Get everyone in the frame

“The more, the merrier” also applies to your holiday pictures. Get everyone in your group pictures—use a selfie stick or tripod plus activate your phone’s timer to take those big group shots.

Group photos are never a problem with the V7. Its special Group Selfie mode allows each person in the group to fit in the frame.

3. Be ready for candid moments

Sometimes, the best photos are the ones unplanned. Those candid shots—whether it’s a touching scene or a funny one—should be captured when you can. Good thing that the Vivo V7 can be easily slipped in and out of your pocket to take photos when the situation demands it.

4. Get up close and personal

Nothing captures the holiday cheer than getting up close with your subject. Give great focus on their ear-to-ear smiles, twinkling eyes, and the overall festive mood with portrait shots.

The V7’s Portrait Mode blurs out the backgrounds to create sharper selfies and photos, while the Face Beauty 7.0 brightens up the images more and evens out the complexion of your subjects.

5. Take as many photos as you can

Place no limit to what memories you can capture during the holiday season. Make sure to have a big memory space on your smartphone to store all your selfies and group photos.

Vivo equipped the V7 with octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 SoC and 4GB RAM to let you shoot all day and all night. Its 32GB internal storage is more than enough for a day’s worth of pictures, but it’s still expandable to up to 256GB should you go overboard with your photo-snapping fixation.

You can enjoy the Vivo V7’s camera capabilities during the holiday season for the price of only P14,990.

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