Steam Summer Sale 2018: Best games and deals to get

Steam Summer Sale a

One whole year has gone by for us to replenish our Steam wallets and play our purchases to our hearts’ content. Now, another Steam Summer Sale is upon us and we are ready to, once again, fill our virtual shopping carts and refresh our collection.

If you’ve yet to complete your Steam shopping list, we’ve come up with the titles and bundles you must absolutely check out. We’ve dispensed with the obvious AAA titles you’ve saved up all year to get, and instead featured the low-key ones that deserve some loving.

Best deal ever

Valve Complete Pack
Original price: P5,389.05
Steam Summer Sale price: P404.53

Sale means one thing: buying something for the best possible price that you can get. And there’s no deal that can get any sweeter than the Valve Complete Pack, a bundle of Valve’s complete list of classics. The bundle comes with 19 Valve titles including titles that you must never die without playing.

Get the chance to play Portal and Portal 2 if you’re ready to grab the new Bridge Constructor Portal; relive the old zombie goodness of Left 4 Dead; and get your hands on the complete Half-Life series, which to date is still one of the most well-regarded suspense games in PC history.

And the best part? You’re getting at least 92% off the original prices of all 19 games.

In preparation for a new release

Fallout 4 GOTY and Fallout 3 GOTY
Original price: P2,760 and P499.95
Steam Summer Sale price: P1,380 and P249.97

One of the most hyped announcements at the recently concluded E3 2018 is Bethesda’s Fallout 76, which will be released November this year. If you’ve just started exploring the Bethesda realm, better prepare for the Fallout 76 release by trying out its predecessors, Fallout 4 and Fallout 3.

While we wouldn’t normally get the Game of the Year Edition (GOTY) because it’s more expensive, the Steam Summer Sale gives you the best reason to do so. Both the GOTY versions of both Fallout games are currently at 50% off! Good deal, if you ask me, and tons of hours of fun, to boot.

The couch co-op potato picks

Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition
Original price: P999.95
Steam Summer Sale price: P299.98

Sometimes, RPG junkies think they’ll be forever doomed to solitude because of the small amount of good titles that allow shared or split-screen play. But one of our favorite co-op RPGs of all time is getting a 70% slash on Steam: Divinity Original Sin.

While Divinity allows for solo RPG as well, why not share the fun with your trusted Player 2? Divinity Original Sin is definitely one of the most rewarding and unforgettable RPGs you can play. No wonder it earned a well-deserved PC Game of the Year in 2014.

Borderlands 2 4-Pack
Original price: P1,439.95

Steam Summer Sale price: P359.98

While online multiplayer is well and grand, nothing beats the fun and excitement when you’re playing with your best friend or significant other, side-by-side, with a box of pizza and a tub of ice cream to share. But then again, why settle for two players when you can go up to four?

The Borderlands series is one of the quirkiest and most enjoyable FPS games we’ve ever played. Its comic book style art, country feels, and developing a love-hate relationship with claptrap are just some of the reasons why the game is a must-have. And the fact that you can get it now at 75%, nothing is more rewarding than sharing the love for the game with your friends.

Borderlands 2 lets up to four players play on split-screen—or better yet, over LAN. Instead of paying P499.95 each for a game, the Borderlands 2 4-pack essentially affords you and three other friends a copy for just P90 each! How good a steal is that?

Support indie

Don’t Starve
Original price: P389.95
Steam Summer Sale price: P97.48

If you want to test your game sensibilities and ability to survive and grasp game mechanics without an instruction manual or relying on walkthroughs, Don’t Starve is the perfect game to add to your library.

Gather resources, craft items, figure things out if they’re harmful or helpful, and try to survive as long as you can in an ever-growing wilderness. Experience randomly generated worlds, no one to hold your hands when the night comes, and whimsical 2D characters—both harmless and biting—to fill your 3D-sketched world. And if for some reason, you’re still using a Windows XP, no worries, you can still totally run this game.

Dirt-cheap deals

Glass Masquerade
Original price: P159.95
Steam Summer Sale price: P55.98

Fancy doing jigsaw puzzles on a cool, stormy night? This Art Deco puzzle with enriching BG is all you need.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
Original price: P419.95
Steam Summer Sale price: P83.99

We played this game in one sitting and it was totally worth every last peso we spent. It’s simply a very well done, heartwarming story that shouldn’t be missed.

Original price: P389.95
Steam Summer Sale price: P97.48

Hand-painted environments that are a treat to the eyes, a brilliant storytelling that will get you attached, and a huge arsenal of upgradeable weapons for your inner blood lust. Let’s play!

Words Jovi Figueroa
Photos from Steam