Smarten up your kitchen with LG’s new range of appliances

LG Kitchen smart appliances b

Aside from the usual TVs and speakers, South Korean giant LG Electronics also showed off a new range of smart, connected kitchen appliances at its CES press conference.

First on the list is the Alexa-enabled InstaView ThinQ refrigerator, which is fitted with a huge 29-inch touch LCD display. The screen can recommend recipes based on what food is inside the fridge. Tap the screen twice and the screen transforms into a transparent window to show you what’s inside without opening the fridge door.

InstaView ThinQ refrigerator

Then there’s the EasyClean oven range, which, when connected to the appropriate app can access recipe information wirelessly and then automatically begin preheating your food. Its hydrophilic enamel coating notifies you when your oven needs cleaning. It then talks to the connected QuadWash dishwasher, which is smart enough to set the optimal wash cycle based on the dish prepared.


Words Katrina Rivere-Diga
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