Sharp’s 8K resolution LED TV is here!

How Sharp is changing the world with its 8K and AIoT technologies.

Sharp 8K TV

Sharp Philippines Corporation (SPC) continuously strives to innovate and provide consumers with world-class quality products that meet the needs and wants of consumers. With this, SPC recently announced the release of the first-in-the-world AQUOS LED 8K Series, the Super Premium IoT (Internet of Things) Inverter Air Conditioner, and the start of its “locally made products” campaign.

Changing the world with 8K

Sharp’s longstanding commitment to excellence is more than an idea, but a reality that consistently exceeds the market’s expectations and satisfaction. In 2016, Sharp announced its AQUOS XU Series, the world’s first 4K TV with 8K resolution.

This year, the new AQUOS 8K LED TV boasts Sharp’s very own revolutionary technology that offers ultra-high-definition images with 16 times the resolution of a Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) TV. It produces images of ultimate reality, with ultra-fine details that even the naked eye cannot capture.

The AQUOS 8K LED TV was first released to the consumer market in October 2017 and is currently distributed in China, Japan, Taiwan, and Europe. It now makes its way to the Philippines, with Sharp envisioning the 8K technology’s application for multiple purposes other than media and entertainment. Due to its UHD clarity, the clear imaging of 8K can be used for CCTV monitoring, fine medical procedures and surgical operations, and many more.

“Apart from displaying TV broadcasts and other media contents, 8K will dramatically impact more aspects of our lives, including medical, business, security, education, transportation, and many more,” says Toshio Kawata, Sharp’s deputy general manager of TV System Business Unit.

Internet of Things and the Filipino make

Apart from the superior imaging 8K technology on their television products, Sharp is confident with their strategy of developing Advance Technology with AIoT (combining artificial intelligence and Internet of Things) and a push for Philippine-made products to better serve the Filipino market.

For AIoT, Sharp fronts its Super Premium IoT Inverter Air Conditioner, which innovates and redefines the way consumers experience cooling. Featuring Airflow Technology, Super Energy Saving, and Smart Control that uses IoT functions controlled by iOS or Android devices over Wi-Fi connection, the Super Premium IoT Inverter Air Conditioner provides customized cooling results depending on your preference.

Furthermore, Sharp’s J-Tech Inverter Technology enables precisely controlled power consumption leading to energy efficiency.  Also equipped with Plasmacluster Ion Technology, this air conditioner deactivates airborne bacteria, viruses, mold, and other contaminants that can be found inside the home.

Exclusively for the Filipino market, Sharp is also putting the spotlight on locally made products that deliver effective results without breaking the family budget. Products in this line of proudly Filipino goods include LED TVs, washing machines, electric fans, and videoke machines.

The company believes that supporting the local workforce will help improve the Philippine economy and will inspire them to double their production. “This activity will contribute to the local firm that will benefit the Filipino families,” says Kazuo Kito, president of SPC.

Words Demai G. Sunio-Granali