See the world in full with Samsung Gear 360, Gear VR


Pack your bags and put that traveling hat on. Go on an adventure of a lifetime with the right gadgets to capture those one-of-a-kind experiences.

Samsung ups the ante of how you document your travel adventures with the new Gear 360 and Gear VR.

Allowing you to see the world in 360°, the Samsung Gear 360 captures moments in 4k 360° videos and 15MP 360° photos. Its Live Broadcast feature, lets you pair the Gear 360 with a smartphone or PC, choose a social media platform, and share your adventures online.

The IP53-rated Gear 360 also makes your travel memories more unique. This handy device lets you view photos and videos in five different modes: 360°, Stretched, Round, Dual, and Panoramic.

The Gear 360 also lets you shoot up to 130 minutes of video recording. You can save these footages in a microSD card (up to 256GB).

Meanwhile, the 2017 Samung Gear VR with controller makes viewing of 360° content easy and comfortable thanks to its lightweight body and ergonomic design. Its advanced optics and large 42mm lenses provide a wide 101° field of view for an immersive 360° experience. The interactive controller makes navigation a breeze with just a few clicks and swipes in one hand.

There are over 700 apps and games available in the Oculus Store. Get your fill of the most immersive 360° content whatever your interest might be.

Go to the nearest Samsung Experience Center and get the Samsung Gear 360 for P10,990. The Samsung Gear VR sells for P5,990.

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