Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3: Smooth transitions

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3

Pioneer DJ upgrades one of its popular DJ controllers to create the 4-channel DDJ-SX3. Designed for the Serato DJ Pro, DDJ-SX3 comes with features and expanded connectivity that makes for smooth transitions between DJs, guest speakers, musical genres, and individual tracks. Plus, this new controller flaunts the familiar layout of the DDJ-SX2 in a high-quality casing.

The DDJ-SX3 controller comes with intuitive interface and professional features to let you be creative in your performances at all kinds of gigs, from club nights and parties to weddings and corporate events.

It also offers expanded connectivity to give you greater flexibility when you’re juggling DJs, MCs, and guest speakers. Changeovers are now seamless, even when the DJ playing before you uses a different laptop, as you can each plug into one of the dual USB ports at the same time.

There’s also a dedicated Mic input terminal on the front of the DDJ-SX3, so you can talk to the crowd without needing to occupy any of the four mixer channels. In addition, the twin Mic inputs on the rear of the controller lets you hold of one Mic while another two are out on the floor. You can even control the level, tweak EQs, and apply FX to all three Mics independently.

Moreover, spicing up your sets is easy with the four popular Sound Color FX on the DDJ-SX3. The Key Shift, Key Sync, and Pitch Play features allows for effortless mixing tracks and creating live remixes.