Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3: Start from scratch


Are you a beginner DJ? Then, you should start honing your skills from scratch with the new Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 controller.

Designed for the Serato DJ Lite, also known as Serato DJ Intro, the DDJ-SB3 comes with an improved and more intuitive interface that beginner DJs can easily hone their skills and performances on.

This controller inherits features from the top models in the DDJ-S series, including the dedicated play and cue buttons and the independent Auto Loop button.

A new feature on the DDJ-SB3 is the Pad Scratch, which is made in collaboration with DJ Jazzy Jeff. The Pad Scratch enables you to reproduce scratches based on the hip-hop DJ’s own recordings by simply pressing the Performance Pads.

Another cool feature in this controller is the FX Fade, which allows for smooth mixing and creating professional performance even if it’s your first time behind the decks.

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