Kingmax Sycret Cloud: The perfect gift for traveling loved ones


Celebrate the holidays and greet the arrival of a bright 2016 traveling around the world with families, partners, and friends, recording the touching moments of the splendid Christmas or New Year’s Eve fireworks in photographs and videos. But there’s always the risk of losing your phone in a foreign land—the data on your phone is leaked and all your good memories are at risk of exposure.

Speed Kingmax SycretWhat you need to do in order to avoid this situation is to carry the Kingmax Sycret Cloud encyrption card. This unique microSD card is a must-have when traveling abroad. You can easily transfer original encrypted Sycret cloud storage data in your new phone with this portable plug-and-play accessory as it is compatible with any smartphone running the recent Android version. The features ensure that even if the card is lost or stolen, your data will not be leaked.

Using the encryption software of the Sycret Cloud app, the photos and videos on your phone are encrypted with zero time gap as soon as you create them. You can now safely share your encrypted photos with your friends via the Sycret Cloud app or upload them instantly to your backup hard drive in the Cloud, preventing storage security risks posed by hackers.

Kingmax also helps online gamers find a gift for their lucky comrades by recommending the DDR4 Nano Gaming RAM. This popular desktop memory features unique nano heat-dissipation technology, high stability, and excellent performance to make any gamer invincible in the online battlefield.

Upgrade this 2016 with the SME 32 Xvalue SSD, which features a SATA III 6Gb/s transmission interface, data reading speed as high as 500MB/s, and a value-for-money accessory that enhances your computer performance. Also following the incoming tide of action video entertainment is the PJ-02 OTG flash drive, which promises to relieve your worry of insufficient memory capacity in your smartphones. With standard USB and microUSB transmission interfaces, it is compatible with laptops, PCs, phones, and tablets.

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