How To: Deal with slow internet connection in your business

slow internet

Admit it or not, slow internet connection affects your everyday life more than you care to admit, especially now that many of our daily tasks and activities rely on the use of smartphones and computers. And more often than not, having a slow internet connection translates to wasted time, interrupted productivity, and stressed employees.

To speed up your businesses’ internet connection, here are the things that you can do:

1. Optimize your browsers

Probably the first step to solving slow internet connection is to check the browsers.

item 1 optimize

  • Pick the appropriate browser for your business. Firefox offers a lot of extensions that can block elements that hoard internet data, while Google Chrome uses very little memory. Opera’s compression technology is very effective for slow internet connections.
  • Remind your people to remove unwanted add-ons, extensions, and plugins, close unused tabs to keep them from eating up your bandwidth, and consider allowing some caching and cookies, which helps Web pages load more quickly

2. Troubleshoot computers

Sometimes the devices you are using in your business can cause the slow connection. These are quick and easy troubleshooting you can undertake:

33451674 - inside view of hard disk computer ,repair circuit boards


  • Clean all your computers and connected devices of unnecessary programs. Uninstall programs you don’t need to open up the devices’ memories, and close programs you are not using.
  • Execute regular and thorough virus and spyware scanning and turn off the computers during closing hours. Run a disk defragmentation once every two weeks, too, to improve your computer’s performance.
  • Free up your computers’ memory space. A full hard drive slow down the computers and the connection. You may use cloud services for handling shared business files.
  • Consider upgrading your office’s computers to newer models.

3. Fix your modem or router

Before cursing the universe for the bad luck that befalls your business, give your modem and router a quick reset first. Check, too, if the slow connection is happening to all the computers in your building or to just a few to isolate the problem. Try the following steps as well:

Item 3 Fix your modem router

  • Change your wireless channel. Connect to your modem/router’s IP address and look for an alternative broadcast channel.
  • Reposition your wireless router/s to an area where everyone can connect. Ideally, there should be no obstruction between the devices and the router to get the optimum performance.
  • While going wireless can be liberating, using Ethernet cables still provides better performance as there are no interferences in transmitting the signals. Make sure that the cables you use are in tip-top shape.
  • Make it a regular target to upgrade modems and routers in your business.

4. Adjust to your tech

While there are quick hacks to solve your crawling internet connection, there are also those that really need time to work out. Your customers and the business won’t wait, so you may need to adjust to your current situation for the mean time.

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  • Prioritize tasks among your people. When the office is on slow connection, have them take on bandwidth-light tasks first. Schedule bandwidth-heavy activities for a later date once the internet issue is fixed.
  • Use the loading time productively. While the Web page is still loading, files are downloading, and emails are still sending, use this idle time to meet your employees and plan future projects and other company activities.

5. Check your internet service provider

There are times that the reason why your internet is slow is because of your internet service. Either you are paying for slow internet, or you are getting less than the package you paid for.

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  • Go to and check your internet speed. Take note of the results.
  • Log onto your internet service provider’s (ISP) website or give them a call to find out the details of your current internet plan.
  • If your plan matches the result of your speed test, then your network is working just fine. But you may need to upgrade your plan to something more appropriate to your business needs.
  • If it doesn’t, you may communicate to your service provider on how to address the issue. Or, consider moving to a new provider. Note, however, that ISPs use different lines to deliver their signals. DSLs (domestic subscriber lines) utilize traditional telephone lines to transmit broadband signals, while others employ fiber optic cables.

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