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James Paul Gold Toe

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James Paul
Category Manager, Gold Toe Philippines; President, Metropolitan Fashion Group of the Philippines

Tell us about your daily grind.

Every day is a surprise. I do product development for the dress socks category of GoldToe Philippines (Manila Bay Hosiery Mills, Inc.), while also pursuing my other passion, which is fashion designing. I have to take a look at each one from time to time and make a checklist of what’s my daily game plan for these jobs that I love to do most and ensure that urgent deadlines will be met.

Speaking of fashion design, you recently launched your Spring-Summer 2017 collection. Can you tell us more about it?

My recent SS2017 collection is my idea of street wear. It’s a combination of denim and colorful appliques good for fun summer fashion.

What’s your inspiration for the collection?

It’s an inspiration of Japanese couture that is fit for young, active, and fun millennials who are adventurous and ready to wear a new take of my creativity and style.

How does technology help you become efficient in juggling your passions?

I use my iPhone and MacBook laptop for work. I find it more efficient to have these items for file syncing and sharing, thus making me more productive.

How active are you on social media?

I am a social media person. I regularly post on my Facebook account. I post every time I think I have something essential to share, whether it’s personal or work-related. It’s more efficient to reach people on social media, especially if you have a target market for a certain post. Exchanging of thoughts and communication is easier with social media.

Is there a social media etiquette you live by?

Don’t rant on social media. We have to be sensitive about everything that we post, especially about sensitive issues. We have to learn how to validate first before we react on certain issues posted on social media platforms. We have to be responsible users of this innovation.

How do you unwind after a long day’s work?

A cup of coffee from my favorite coffee shop relaxes me after a long day of work. I also love watching movies on the big screen. I want feel-good movies and horror films.

If you could, what advice would you give to your younger self now?

Dream big. But dreaming big takes a lot of effort and sacrifices. No job is easy. You have to work for it and make it possible. You should learn how to take risks because that will determine your capabilities at that certain point in time. If you fail, have another game plan. Learn from your mistakes, and bit by bit you will realize that you are moving up the ladder toward your dream.

What thought drives you to action every day?

Go for gold! In everything you do—whether small or big—you have to aim for the best. I want to inspire other people to do the same thing, because this applies to everyone and to everything that we do. Even if you’re a student, an employee, a manager, a public servant, a President… we should aim for the gold in whatever we do.

Photo credits:
Designer l JAMES PAUL
Styling l ALLEN CHEN
Models l EMI, RAF, PAT, KATT
Photographer l ALVIN DEE
Location l Kabisera, BGC