Five things you can do with broadband plans at under P1k

One sky lite broadband plans

It’s a popular belief that affordable internet offers limited services and enjoyment. But there are more things you can do with your sub-P1,000 broadband plan with 20 to 40GB monthly data allowance.

Here are some activities that you and your loved ones can enjoy using a home broadband with a consumable data plan.

  1. Enjoy access to social media sites all month long

Stay updated and connected online through your own social media accounts the whole month without even worrying about surges on your next billing.

  1. Listen to your favorite tunes via streaming

Fill your home with music by streaming songs and creating playlists on your favorite music streaming apps.

  1. Indulge in watching over 20 downloaded movies

Movie night? Your data plan got you covered. With a 20GB allowance, you can download up to 13 standard definition (SD) movies or 7 high definition (HD) flicks. Meanwhile, you can download up to 26 SD films or 13 HD movies with a 40GB allowance.

  1. Scream video streaming!

Binge-watching series on Netflix and SKY On Demand is possible. In fact, you can stream in SD quality up to 51 hours of your favorite local or foreign shows with a 40GB allowance and up to 25 hours of standard definition content with a 20GB allowance monthly.

  1. Keep in touch with your fam and pals through video calls

Staying in touch with family or friends abroad is also one of the activities you can do. In fact, you can make up to 100 hours worth of video calls with a 20 to 40GB allowance to nurture your bond with the ones you love.

One SKY Lite plans offer fiber-powered broadband and HD cable TV for plan P699/month (20GB data allowance) and P999/month (40GB data allowance).

One SKY Lite also has plans that bundle SKYmobi mobile internet (1GB mobile data/month with LTE pocket WiFi), fiber-powered broadband (20GB data allowance), and HD cable TV for P899 a month.

All plans come with free access to SKY On Demand, a video streaming service that lets subscribers watch cable shows and movies anytime, anywhere.

Words Justine Bernice Basco