Experience light and worry-free travels with Delsey luggage

Delsey luggage

Some say that more than the destination, it is the journey that matters most. But how can you fully experience and enjoy your journey when you spend most of it worrying about the safety of your stuff and being constrained by bulky suitcases.

Enter Delsey’s Helium Air 2 and Classic 2 luggage. Equipped with Delsey’s patented Zipper Security Technology (Zip SECURITECH®), these suitcases are not just light, they’re also super secure, making them reliable travel companions whatever new place you plan to explore.

Travel light

Whether you’re lining up to check in your things at the airport or traveling to and from your hotel, handling your baggage will be the least of your worries with these luggage.

Delsey Helium Air 2 in Silver and Duck Blue

The Helium Air 2 makes it easy to cart around your belonging thanks to its unique design, which offers the best ratio of strength, light weight, and capacity.

Meanwhile, the Helium Classic 2 boasts an ergonomic build and iconic design. And even though this stylish luggage comes with a compact form factor, space is not a problem because it can store at least one week’s worth of your travel items. You can fit at least four shirts, one toiletry bag, two pairs of shoes, two trousers, and one coat inside the Helium Classic 2 in one packing.

Delsey Helium Classic 2 in Anthracite and Red

Plus, the four double silent wheels on the Helium Air 2 and the four spinner wheels on the Classic 2 allow for effortless maneuvering while you go around.

Another level of security

As thieves and crooks get more creative with their M.O., you need to arm yourself with better-equipped and more secure travel gear.

Good thing that both the Helium Air 2 and Classic 2 offers Delsey’s innovative Zip SECURITECH® feature. Dubbed the best anti-theft zip in the world, the Zip SECURITECH® is 2.5 times more resistant than a regular zipper even when fully loaded.

Even if thieves try to open it using a pointed object, the Zip SECURITECH® remains intact as it is 41 times more resistant to intrusion and has a more secure slider than regular zippers. The pullers are three times more resistant and seven times less breakable, too.

On top of that, the Delsey Helium Air 2 and Classic 2 also feature TSA-compliant smart locks, bringing added protection to your belongings.

Know more about Delsey’s Zip SECURITECH® here:

Available in Silver, Duck Blue, or Black, the Delsey Helium Air 2 comes in 55cm (P15,990), 64cm (P17,990), and 76cm (P20,990) sizes. Meanwhile, the Delsey Helium Classic 2 is available in Red or Anthracite, with 55cm (P9,990), 64cm (P10,990), and 76cm (P11,990) size options.

The Helium Air 2 and Classic 2 also come with a 10- and 3-year worldwide limited warranty, respectively.

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