Hungry? Delivery Guy wants to be your go-to food takeout buddy


When food cravings strike, who do you call to help you out? Delivery Guy, a new food delivery service in the Philippines, steps forward to help you satisfy those ill-timed food cravings and be the trusty side-kick to your take-out adventures.

Delivery Guy is owned and founded by husband and wife entrepreneurs Neil and Finina Castillo. The pair, who also owns the Japanese restaurant Ryu Ramen, saw this new business venture as an opportunity to merge their background in technology and delivery operations to form an create an new player in the online food delivery industry.

Users can make use Delivery Guy’s services by downloading the mobile app in their Android and iOS devices. They also have a website ( and a contact center (488-7676) to place your delivery requests.

Through its various platforms, Delivery Guy allows you to track your delivery and know what stage of preparation your order is in. The new service also promises an up to 60 minutes delivery time for requests within a three-kilometer radius. Payments are cash-on-delivery for now, but credit card terminals will become available by July 15.

As of writing, Delivery Guy around 35 partner restaurant brands in Metro Manila, including Brothers Burger, Dunkin Donuts, Hen Lin, Kettle, Mongkok, Pink Panda, and Ryu, among others.