Cool products we saw at CES Unveiled 2018

CES Unveiled main

CES Unveiled, a preview of some of the newest products that will be on display at this year’s show, was held yesterday at Mandalay Bay.

One of the products on the show floor was an Alexa-enabled bathroom mirror from Kohler. The Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror has two motion-activated strips of LED lights, two microphones for catching your voice commands, and speakers “housed in hermetically sealed casings to maximize stereo sound quality.” The Verdera mirror features Kohler Konnect, a platform that allows you to personalize your experience with your other Kohler products through app presets, and automate your tasks (such as adjusting the lighting embedded in the mirror or automatically filling the tub with your desired depth and temperature) via voice control.

Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror

Also on display was Moodo, a smart home fragrance device that allows you to mix, match, and create custom blends for your home on the fly using an app or by voice via Amazon Alexa. This scent machine is like scented candles—only high-tech and customizable, as you can control the intensity of each of the four capsules.


We also stumbled upon the NUVIZ motorcycle Head-Up Display, the first all-in-one motorcycle HUD that offers navigation, communication, and music features in a single device. It shows customizable information in the rider’s natural line of sight and even features a handlebar controller and a built-in HD action camera that shoots stills and video.

NUVIZ motorcycle Head-Up Display

Meanwhile, Looxid Labs displayed its LooxidVR headset, which not only provides an interface for the eyes but also for the brain. Embedded in the headset are two eye-tracking cameras and six brainwave sensors that accurately measure eye and brain activity.

NUVIZ motorcycle Head-Up Display
Words Katrina Rivere-Diga
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