Beat the traffic with motorbike-hailing platform Angkas

Angkas mobile app

If you’re a regular commuter in Metro Manila, it means that you have experienced being stuck in traffic once, twice, or many times in your life. This also means that you have learned how to adjust your schedule around the hellish traffic of the city, waking up early and leaving home at least two hours before your scheduled meeting.

But what if you can just breeze through the congestion and find alternative streets that four-wheeled vehicle can’t pass through? What if you can arrive at your destination in less time than you normally take despite the traffic?

With the new motorcycle-based ride-hailing app Angkas, being late because of traffic will never be an excuse for you anymore. Available on both iOS and Android, Angkas connects riders to a rigorously-trained, professional motorcycle driver. It provides convenient, safe, and affordable motorbike transportation around the metro.

On the app, you just need to add your destination, and, with the tap of a button, your biker will arrive shortly to bring you where you need to go.

Safety is the top priority for Angkas, so all bikers go through rigorous background checks, skills assessment, and safety training. Rides come with a quality helmet and personal accident insurance. Passengers also get raincoats in case of rain, and face masks and hair caps for hygiene.

New users can book their first ride for free(up to P80) with the promo code ANGKAS starting June 19.