8 games to watch for


A lot of gamers get bored as publishers hold off releasing their hot upcoming titles in anticipation of the looming holiday season. Fortunately, it looks like gamers don’t have to worry this time around, thanks to a lot of great September releases available to tide them over until winter comes—and a lot of them are definite time-killers.

Diablo III Platform: PS3, Xbox 360 Now, don’t go thinking that Diablo III on consoles is just a simple patch-and-slap port of the PC game. A lot has been done to make it couch-friendly—from a reworked UI optimized for controllers to four-player co-op single-screen action—guaranteeing a uniquely different gaming experience from its desktop brethren. nhl-14_Playstation3_coverNHL 14 Platform: PS3, Xbox 360 The season may be over. But with NHL 14 keeping hockey buffs preoccupied, they won’t have to worry anymore about a lockout. Although Bruins fans would probably play to get revenge on the Blackhawks, everyone is likely to enjoy the game’s new Collision Physics system, which delivers realistic results on and around the puck. grand_theft_auto_v_ps3_cover_by_interglobalfilms-d4evzmzGrand Theft Auto V Platform: PS3, Xbox 360 GTA V is looking to best all GTAs before it, with three playable protagonists, deeper customization options, and tons of new details to fiddle around with. But the real clincher is the ability to switch between any one of the trio at any moment in real-time, further upping the opportunities for mayhem. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Platform: PS3 With the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3, a history lesson is obviously in order. And what better way to start than from the beginning? Remix includes Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and half-sequel Re:Chain Memories, both remastered in HD and also featuring cutscenes from the other half-sequel 358/2 Days. Puppeteer Platform: PS3 The premise of Puppeteer is quite the spectacle, to say the least. As you control puppet Kutaro, the stage itself changes, with elements dropping and transforming as you progress from one challenge to the next. Throw in magical power-ups, puzzle-based gameplay, and light-hearted yet nightmarish visuals, and this is one 2D platformer that you can’t help but notice. totalwarOCKTotal War: Rome II Platform: PC Total War: Rome II looks to take things to a greater scale, with even more features and systems than those introduced in its predecessor’s most recent expansions combined. Even the scale has increased: the entire game centered on the world itself with around 172 regions to divide and conquer while managing, well, everything. Killzone Mercenary Platform: PS Vita Killzone Mercenary looks to establish itself as the hallmark first-person shooter on the Vita with some stellar HD-looking visuals and sensible—that is, optional—touch functions. The game also keeps its premise simple by placing you as a hired gun, in it for the money, which you’ll need if you want better toys to kill with. 3maxScribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure Platform: Wii U, 3DS, PC A fun puzzler revolving around the DC multiverse, Scribblenauts Unmasked pits series hero Maxwell together with a huge ensemble of DC heroes and villains. And by huge, I mean almost every character and variant that ever existed. The inclusion of superpowers and abilities in Maxwell’s vocabulary should most likely make for even more imaginative results.   Words Erik Paolo Escueta First published in Speed September 2013