5 things you might not know about Chrome


You, I, and 750 million others have been with Chrome for five years. Five years. But how well do you know this dear browser? Find out. 1. Chrome stands for simplicity. The word “chrome” originally referred to the toolbars, tabs, buttons, and other non-Webpage parts of the browser. Google wanted less of that and said “content, not chrome”–part of the reason the browser ended up being named Chrome. 2. Chrome is obsessed with speed. It’s nice to find like-minded individuals. Can I take you out for…and it’s gone. The browser’s speed increased 41 percent in mobile and 40 percent in desktops this year. The secret is good preparation. When you click on a site, it pre-loads all the links that come with it. So, when you click on a link, it loads fast, crosses its legs, and says, “Oh, I’ve been waiting for you.” 3. Google pays people to crack Chrome. Yes, pay. The Chrome Vulnerability Rewards Program pays and gives public recognition to a hacker or security researcher when one reports bugs so Google can fix them ASAP before these vulnerabilities are exploited by the bad guys. The program has paid hackers more than US$2 million across Google products. 4. Google regards Chrome as the fashionista of browsers. It keeps itself updated with the latest features, software, patches, and bug fixes. Chrome updates itself and gives you the latest and safest version every six weeks. Best bit? Auto-updating. It’s not the girlfriend that drags you to hell the mall to update her wardrobe. 5. It can take you to the stars. No, not space academy literal, just virtual. 100,000 Stars gives you a god’s eye view of the galaxy. You can zoom in and out to check the wonderful stellar neighborhood that your godliness created. That and a whole bunch of Chrome Experiments will keep you occupied during coffee breaks. Experiments are user-generated, and coders are invited to submit their works. Words Elaine Cotoner Last updated September 19, 2013