5 music streaming sites you must try now


You’ve got your Spotify, your Grooveshark, your Pandora, and so on. But using your standard music streaming and discovery services can get a little stale over time, so why not mix things up a little and try out lesser-known but equally good alternatives?

Here’s our list of five recommended music streaming and discovery services that can jazz up your listening repertoire.


Noon Pacific is a music discovery service that delivers new playlists to you by email. Simply sign up, and you’ll have a 45-minute, 10-track playlist mailed to you every Monday at noon, Pacific Time. So if you’re too busy to explore music discovery sites, this is for you.


Offering 20 million tracks from its library, Deezer allows you to build an extensive playlist with unlimited streaming. While the basic service is free, the Premium subscription gives you ad-free listening, and the Premium+ account offers mobile and offline listening access. Both Premium accounts also grant you a mixing desk feature and up to 320kbps streaming quality.


Songdrop lets you collect and organize any music that you find all over the Web. Just create an account, drag the bookmarklet to your browser toolbar, and click on that bookmarklet every time you discover new music from YouTube, VEVO, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Tumblr, and more. You can also follow other Songdrop users and discover their music. Best of all, the entire service is free.


Currently optimized for iOS and Web, Piki allows you to pick your preferred music and artists from the site’s database and other users with the same likes as yours. The result? An ever-growing intuitive playlist of your favorite music, complete with syncing and playback features.


You don’t need an account to operate this website and app service. Just visit We7 and type in a song, artist, album, or genre. And you can start playing right away!

Signing up enables you to get 50 song requests a month. However, this site is radio station-based; you can’t always play any track you want. Instead, you can play music from preset radio stations or create your own station from the site’s 11-million track selection.

Other services that we suggest you explore are Right Away!, Songza, which recommends music according to your current mood; Torch Music, which is like Pinterest for music lovers; This is My Jam, where you can discover, share, and change ‘jams’ weekly; Ex.fm and 2u.fm, both of which boast of an extensive library of genres, artists, and sites that you can explore first before signing up. With all these options, you’ll never run out of cool and fresh music. Ever. Words Carmela Maraan Fernando