5 Malaysian startups to expand in the Philippines

Expand PH

If you want your business to grow, it’s very important to be open to opportunities and innovations.

Launchgarage, the country’s first innovation hub, has partnered with Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) to start EXPAND PH, a program that provides tech startups the opportunity to promote and connect with decision makers, influencers, investors, and potential collaborators.

Get to know the five Malaysian startups who participated in the program:


If you’re an influencer or you want your brand to reach out to social media via creative works, then you should look up SushiVid. This Malaysian brand is an online content producer and provider that helps companies find, hire, and work with social media influencers from across the region for marketing campaigns. So far they are partnered with 3,000 influencers globally and are seeking to aggressively expand their services to other countries in the region.


Are you an avid online shopper? Avavaz is an online shopping multi-vendor e-commerce platform designed for trade between ASEAN countries. It encourages open economies among countries trade, whether its businesses to consumers (B2C), businesses to businesses (B2B), or consumers to consumers (C2C).


If you have complaints during your visits in hospitals and you’re worried that nothing will change for improvement, then CEMPIA has an effective solution for you. This company is a Digital Patient Experience Management Platform that understands patient experience at every touch point in the hospital.

CEMPIA captures patients’ feedbacks, suggestions, and complaints through a series of applications, and solves any dissatisfaction in real time. This brand was the winner of the Philippines Health Tech Challenge.


From the name itself, you can probably figure out that this has something to do with sales. SalesCandy is the first action-based instant routing lead management system that would encourage prompt lead follow-up while improving accountability among sales people of various industries. As a result, you can focus on generating high-quality leads that convert to sales with efficient marketing campaigns, instead of high volume of underperforming leads to low sales staff morale and burnout.

My Robot Time

Robots! My Robot Time is one of the earliest robotics educational firms which tackles research and design, production and sales, curriculum development, competition, and operation. The brand cooperates with a number of robotics education training institutions and aims to be a global leader in STEM Education.

Words Justine Bernice Basco