5 cool things about the Sony Xperia Touch

Sony redefines portable entertainment with this mobile projector.

Sony Xperia Touch

Mobile projectors may be the next big thing in tech. These nifty devices take what smartphones can do and bring it a notch higher; they turn any wall into an instant touchscreen with the same capabilities as your trusty phone.

A smart speaker, a projector, and an Android tablet all combined into one device, the Sony Xperia Touch is bound to be the next tech tool must-have. Here are just five of the many cool things about the Xperia Touch:

1. It turns any flat surface into a screen

Equipped with Sony’s SXRD display technology, the Xperia Touch turns any flat surface into a 23-inch screen with either a horizontal or vertical ultra-throw projection. You can make any room a mini theater and watch your favorite movies or TV shows. You can also project video calls for and have hassle-free conversations. Its built-in speaker already sounds great, but you can easily connect it to portable speaker via Bluetooth for an even bolder sound.

2. It has a fluid interface

Aside from its projection technology, the Xperia touch is also equipped with infrared light and real time detection through its built-in camera at a rate of 60fps. The result: you have an instant, 23-inch touchscreen that fast and fluid—much like a tablet or your favorite smartphone.

3. It is powered by Android 

Running on Android 7.0 operating system, any app or game downloaded from Google Play Store will work on the Xperia Touch. Play mobile games against your friends or download your favorite video streaming apps and binge-watch your favorite shows with your family.

4. It’s versatile

Because the Xperia Touch can project on any flat surface, you can easily have recipes projected on a table-top for hassle free cooking and baking. It’s also handy for viewing home repair how-to-do clips on YouTube or following exercise sequences from a workout video.

5. It is future-proof

Sony’s innovative Android projector isn’t just a showcase of the brand’s latest technology, it’s also a platform for developers to build and create applications for. With many possibilities on the horizon, why not get yourself this kind gadget now?

The Sony Xperia Touch retails for P79,990 at Sony Centre branches in Glorietta and SM Megamall.

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