4 ways to keep your car looking good

car driving

Your car takes you to work every day, helps you ferry your loved ones, and lets you enjoy a road trip from time to time. Your car is your patient companion during long hours of traffic along EDSA and your buddy when you go on a random trip up North. So, it is only fair that you give back the same love and care to your trusty metal steed.

While you can always set an appointment with the car spa, proper care and use of your car will greatly help in keeping it in shape. Here are just four things you can personally do to keep your car in pristine condition:

1. Wash and wax

An obvious one, but one that bears repeating: make it a habit to regularly wash and wax your car. Aside from your schedule to the car wash, you can maintain your car’s clean and shiny exterior by giving it a bath and polish once in a while. This also gives you the chance to inspect the bodywork and fix small scratches and chips to prevent them from spreading.

To properly wash your car, mix the prescribed amount of car shampoo with water. Apply the solution using a microfiber cloth. Wash one section at a time and work your way down the car. After that, rinse your ride with clean water and then dry it using a clean microfiber cloth. You can apply wax once your car has completely dried.

The Auto-Gard High Performance Microfiber Cloth (P189.75) can help you dry your car quickly. It doesn’t scratch your car, either, thanks to its material. Meanwhile, the Auto-Gard Car Rain Repellent (P179.75) makes sure your windshield stays clear, improving visibility while driving in the rain.

2. Beauty on the inside

It’s not just the exterior that needs maintenance; the interior of your car must get equal attention and care. For starters, don’t forget to unload your trash when you get home to avoid odor or other unwanted build up.

Many recommend cleaning the inside of the car before washing outside to avoid getting dust and dirt on the exterior. Vacuum cloth seats and apply restoring cream to leather ones; treat vinyl upholstery and clean dirty spots and stains.

Remove foul odors inside your car with the Auto-Gard Odor Eliminator (P199.75). It doesn’t simply cover up odors; it completely removes smells caused by chemicals and spills. It also helps dissolve grease, slime, and other waste deposits in your car.

3. Stuff it right

Got tons of stuff to pack in your trunk? Organize your things before loading them; make sure that similar items are packed together. If you have food, drinks, or any items that might spill, store them in tightly closed containers and ensure that their lids are sealed.

The Red X Trunk Floor Style Cargo Net (P299.75) can prevent breakage, rolling, and spilling of items in your car trunk when you hit the road. It can fit most vehicle trunks, stretches up to 140cm, and is ideal for grocery, sporting equipment, and luggage.

4. Details, details

Don’t forget to pay attention to your car tires, exterior rubber, plastic trims, and headlights.

There are specific products you can use to keep those exterior trims shiny. Bring those yellowed plastic headlights back to their original clear look with the right lens polishing chemicals and items. Keep those rims polished and give tires a wet-look shine.

Noticed that your car tire is particularly soft? Inflate your tires anytime, anywhere with the Red X Air Compressor (P549.75). This portable automotive compressor features a long 28cm cigarette lighter power cord, quick snap tire connector, and three multipurpose adaptors.

Once you’ve mastered and applied these four habits, you can now confidently show off your vehicle out on the road all the time. Just remember: show off responsibly. You wouldn’t want a penalty ticket sticking on your newly cleaned windshield.

Auto-Gard and Red X products can be bought at Ace Hardware, Ace Express, Ace Builders, Handyman, S&R, Truevalue, and Wilcon Depot. They are also available online on Lazada,  and Miles and Levels website. Follow Auto-Gard and Red X on Facebook for more updates on their latest offerings.

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