Fujifilm X30: Your money’s worth

Review by Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla First published in Speed January 2015 Fujifilm has been on a streak of sorts with both its fixed lens X100 variants and its interchangeable-lens X-T1 bodies....
Asus 7-inch Fonepad

ASUS Fonepad: Fine fone-tablet hybrid

Now that quad-core mobile devices are fast becoming the norm, I admit I was a bit skeptical upon learning that the Asus Fonepad sports a single-core 1.6GHz Atom processor. But I...

TATA Xenon XT 4×2: Power that needs a bit of refinement

Review by Mike Potenciano First published in Speed January 2015 Tata Motors from India is advancing quite rapidly. Having made the most affordable car, the Nano, for their home country, Tata...

Huawei Ascend P6: Sexy and smart

Remember Huawei’s earliest phones? Yeah, you probably don’t. And we can’t blame you. But Huawei has grown up—and the new Ascend P6 should make you sit up and take notice. In...

Transcend JetDrive 725: Memory and muscle

If you want to have bigger memory space and an improved performance on your MacBook, consider upgrading to Transcend's JetDrive 725.
Wizbook Arc Z8110C

Redfox Wizbook Arc Z8110C: Flip to the chic side

Convertible laptops are still on trend and Redfox wants to jump into the fray with the Wizbook Arc Z8110C.

Sony VAIO Pro 13 Touch: A new zenith

Sony often gets a bad rap for expensive devices, but this time around, the premium cost of the Sony VAIO Pro 13 Touch is justified. This isn’t another MacBook Air ripoff;...

Apple iPhone 6s Plus: All juiced up

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus may look identical to their predecessors, but these two smartphones offer something new to the table.

2016 Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBoost Titanium+: Mighty fine

Billed by Ford as smarter and more refined, the new Focus is indeed sleek, sporty, and filled to the brim with improvements.

JBL Flip: Lilliputian loudmouth

Watching movies from the comfort of my home beats standing in line, putting up with rude moviegoers, spending extra for mall food, and having to look presentable enough for public consumption....

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