People@Speed: Geek-spotting January 2015

“What a cool magazine!” you might say. And we know you’ve been wondering what the heck kind of people can put together a hundred pages of awesomeness each month. Behold the...

People@Speed: Bags by Rubbertree, leather goodness

The creative couple behind Bags by Rubbertree shares what it is like to be modern-day leather craftsmen.
James Paul Gold Toe

People@Speed-Geek-spotting: James Paul

Speed scours the streets for the different types of geeks—from intellectuals to die-hard aficionados, from professionals to devout amateurs.

Takeru Kobayashi, professional competitive eater who ate 50 hotdogs in 12mins., is a healthy...

Takeru Kobayashi, a professional competitive eater, is an international star. Many regard him as a legend in professional competitive eating, who put the sport on the map. Through this quick Q&A, he...
Ryu Lim

Ryu Lim: catching up with world-class Filipino blacksmith

It was probably the hardest forging experience I’ve ever had. It was very difficult. I almost passed out. Ryu Lim is the Filipino blacksmith who won on History Channel’s Forged in Fire, which...
Angely Dub

People@Speed: Angely Dub, world traveler

Angely Dub Owner, Access Travel and Tours Angely Dub, founder and president of Access Travel and Tours—the go-to travel agency of celebrities—had just gotten back from an eight-day trip to Bhutan the...
Dr Rogel Mari Sese

People@Speed: Dr. Rogel Mari Sese, space cowboy

Dr. Rogel Mari Sese isn’t an astronaut. He is one of three Filipino astrophysicists in the country. He is the only one practicing actively.

People@Speed: Geek-spotting August 2013

Meet the coolest kids on the road. They rule, they rock, and they live the fast-paced lifestyle. (Know someone we should feature? Send your suggestions to
Rogi Calalec

People@Speed: Rogi Calalec, meticulous builder

Carlos Gregor Calalec, or “Rogi,” has always enjoyed playing with Legos since he was a kid. Now he is living his dream of building finer and more advanced versions of Legos.

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