People@Speed: Geek-spotting January 2015

“What a cool magazine!” you might say. And we know you’ve been wondering what the heck kind of people can put together a hundred pages of awesomeness each month. Behold the...

Five common myths about online education

While online education has helped individuals pursue their dreams of higher education, there are still misconceptions associated with it.

BlueAnt Ozone: Music with color

With five different light patterns, the BlueAnt Ozone fits your different mood and style.
Perfect summer selfie Vivo

How To: Get that perfect summer selfie

Wherever you are headed, you will surely want to document every single "Instagrammable" moment with perfectly captured selfies.
Pioneer DJ HDJ-X series

Pioneer DJ HDJ-X Series: Deeper connection

The HDJ-X, Pioneer DJ's latest range of DJ headphones, offer outstanding audio quality, superior durability, and improved functionality.
Hawk Urban Globetrotter

Hawk Urban Globetrotter: Explore the world

Leave the comforts of your home and explore unfamiliar places with the Hawk Urban Globetrotter backpack.
Dr Rogel Mari Sese

People@Speed: Dr. Rogel Mari Sese, space cowboy

Dr. Rogel Mari Sese isn’t an astronaut. He is one of three Filipino astrophysicists in the country. He is the only one practicing actively.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3: Start from scratch

Designed for the Serato DJ Lite, the DDJ-SB3 comes with an improved and more intuitive interface that beginner DJs can easily hone their skills and performances on.

Stream more channels with upgraded SKY On Demand app

Get more out of your SKYcable subscription with the upgraded SKY on Demand app, which now features more channels for on-demand viewing.
Sharp 8K TV

Sharp’s 8K resolution LED TV is here!

Discover how Sharp is changing the world with its 8K and AIoT technologies.

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