Holiday gift guide 2017: Presents for loved ones with #TravelGoals

Speed’s annual Holiday Gift Guide is here to help you become a terrific Santa to your friends and family by helping them fulfill their goals for 2018.
technology predictions

7 technology trends to expect this 2017

PLDT, Inc. lists down the technology trends that are most likely to happen in 2017.

10 hottest geek girls

Once upon a time, being called a geek was the kiss of death. You’d do anything to avoid being branded as one. It was a stigma much, much worse than the...

5 Filipino books for your holiday reading

With the 5-day holiday ahead of us, the quiet hours would be best spent with a plethora of written words. So, us here at Speed put together a list of Filipino-published books...

8 reasons why the Ford EcoSport is an ideal SUV for women

The Ford EcoSport that it not only matches but also tops all women’s considerations when choosing a vehicle to drive.

Six features to look for in your everyday laptop

Lenovo highlights the essential features that they think your everyday laptop should have.

#SpeedLovebytes: 5 ways to rock out, spread love at UP Fair 2018

Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or it’s just really complicated, the much-anticipated annual UP Fair will surely give you a happy hearts day (or week).
Digital Electronics World

6 things tech enthusiasts will enjoy at Digital Electronics World 2017

Digital Electronics World surprises its visitors with exciting new gadgets, making it a must-see convergence for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike.

20 new features to try in iOS 10

There are a lot of new functions, hidden features, and third-party app integrations to explore in iOS 10.

Here’s what four former Speed cover girls first tweeted about

As Twitter celebrates its 12th birthday, we look back at the first tweets and first covers of some of Speed’s former cover stars.

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