AMA Online Education online courses

Short online courses you can take to advance your career in 2017

People looking to learn more and acquire new skill sets can choose over these 11 online courses that only takes 70 hours to complete.

8 games to watch for

A lot of gamers get bored as publishers hold off releasing their hot upcoming titles in anticipation of the looming holiday season. Fortunately, it looks like gamers don’t have to worry...

10 hottest geek girls

Once upon a time, being called a geek was the kiss of death. You’d do anything to avoid being branded as one. It was a stigma much, much worse than the...

5 things on your Christmas list that are on sale at Paseo Outlets

With Christmas just around the corner, it's high time to finish your holiday shopping at Greenfield City's Paseo Outlets.

4 reasons why small biz should try GoDaddy’s new site builder

GoDaddy wants to get more small businesses and entrepreneurs online with the launch of its new Website Builder.
Valentine gifts cool tech girl

#SpeedLovebytes: 5 Valentine gifts for your techie girlfriend

While flowers and chocolates are appreciated, how about something more useful and unique for your cool tech girl this Valentine's Day—like a pink smartphone or a mascara that uses space technology.
technology predictions

7 technology trends to expect this 2017

PLDT, Inc. lists down the technology trends that are most likely to happen in 2017.
summer beach

5 must-haves for a perfect beach trip

With the temperature peaking at around 35 degrees Celsius daily, the warm weather in the Philippines beckons a trip to the nearest beach.
Speed Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Holiday gift guide 2017: Welcome a #NewChapter in your friends’ lives

Speed’s annual Holiday Gift Guide is here to help you become a terrific Santa to your friends and family by helping them fulfill their goals for 2018.
TV show for geeks

10 TV shows you should be watching

Now that everyone has taken a keen interest on all things tech, sci-fi, and everything in between, it’s high time to relish in shows made by geeks for geeks.

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