The quest for all-day computing

Computers are getting more powerful and more portable,but lackluster battery life has been the one aspect that has remained in the dark ages. Until now, hopefully. My first laptop was...

Why you shouldn’t pursue a career in digital marketing

Find out whether digital marketing is indeed the job of your dreams.
True love in numbers

True love in numbers

Let's talk real math—probabilities with permutation and combination—and see how it can solve problems often faced by lovesick people.

Apps and downs

Apple is giving away a cool US$10,000 gift card to the lucky user who becomes the lucky 50 billionth downloader at (or entry sender to) the App Store. Wrap your mind...

Behind the legal lens

You’ve probably heard stories of corporate drones giving up their day jobs to chase after their dreams—in many cases, an artistic or entrepreneurial pursuit, or a type of career that deviates...

2016: The year of the leaping Red Monkey

Captain’s log, Stardate -307000.0

Doctor Google

Dr. Iris Thiele C. Isip Tan talks about new challenges brought about by Dr. Google.

The new world order of music

Tech journo Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla reflects on the evolution of the music industry alongside the advancement of technology.

Saving car companies from the gray market

Who needs saving, you say? There’s no doubt that the Philippine automotive industry continues to grow—as evidenced not just by robust sales numbers, but the increasing number of brands being distributed...

Jon Red and the beginning of digital filmmaking in the Philippines

Introduction to Sigfreid Barros-Sanchez's article titled "Sins & Scenes: The problem with Filipino films and the new breed of Filipino filmmakers." Read the rest of the story as published in Speed's July 2014...

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