Legit gaming: cheaper than piracy

Digital piracy is said to be a battle of convenience—your participation or your opposition is decided on how easy it is to commit the crime.

Waiting for our ride on The Third Platform

An opinion on the future of the local computing scene

New Year’s resolutions on the road

The motoring industry just came from a very exciting and competitive tour de force in 2014, and it will be hard to top that this year.

The quest for all-day computing

Computers are getting more powerful and more portable,but lackluster battery life has been the one aspect that has remained in the dark ages. Until now, hopefully. My first laptop was...

The year 2038 has bugs

A review of your high school nightmare: binary math

Saving car companies from the gray market

Who needs saving, you say? There’s no doubt that the Philippine automotive industry continues to grow—as evidenced not just by robust sales numbers, but the increasing number of brands being distributed...

Why you shouldn’t pursue a career in digital marketing

Find out whether digital marketing is indeed the job of your dreams.

Apps and downs

Apple is giving away a cool US$10,000 gift card to the lucky user who becomes the lucky 50 billionth downloader at (or entry sender to) the App Store. Wrap your mind...

2016: The year of the leaping Red Monkey

Captain’s log, Stardate -307000.0

Behind the legal lens

You’ve probably heard stories of corporate drones giving up their day jobs to chase after their dreams—in many cases, an artistic or entrepreneurial pursuit, or a type of career that deviates...

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