MiAds brings mobile advertising to MiCab partner taxis

Latest cab-hailing app MiCab partners with Japanese advertising company Hallohallo Business Inc. to introduce MiAds.

Is your business ready for the digital future?

In this increasingly digital world, businesses and organizations can greatly benefit in adapting and growing digitally.

Give your mom the gift of comfort this Mother’s Day

This Mother's Day, celebrate the wonderful and nurturing women in your lives by giving them precious and thoughtful gifts.
YouTube Ads Awards

YouTube Ads Awards to name Ad of the Year

The screening for the most creative digital ads on YouTube culminates with the announcement of the winners on the night of YouTube Ads Awards.

These are the perfect gifts for your perfect moms

Here are five amazing gifts for mom that we are sure she’ll be happy to receive and proud to show off.
Shell Helix Ultra

Shell Helix Ultra gives your car more than just great engine performance

Shell introduces the new Helix Ultra to meet every motorist's need for engine performance and protection.

HyperGEL-KENZEN leads new ASICS footwear line

ASICS has launched its newest HyperGEL footwear franchise, leading with the HyperGEL-KENZEN.
ASICS Sakura collection

ASICS blooms lovely Sakura collection

Japan's Spring period may be over but you still get to enjoy its blooms any time you want.
Samsung Curved QLED 49inch monitor main CHG90

The 49-inch Samsung CHG90 curved monitor is a gamer’s dream

Samsung gives you a glimpse of the future and introduces a huge 49-inch curved QLED gaming monitor.
Thanos Avengers Infinity War

Cyberspace: Did Thanos kill you?

A simple website tells you if you were spared or slaughtered by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity Wars.

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