Songs to kickstart your #FitnessGoals this 2018

To keep you motivated with your fitness goals, here are some workout songs that you can include in your playlist.

Sit, sip, and snap: The Coffee Project

Coffee Project stands as an Instagram-worthy backdrop for your next break from the urban jungle—and of course, a source of good food and drinks.
Moving on

Moving on

For the New Year, guest columnist Mark Isaiah David talks about moving on—with a little bit (read: a lot) of help of tech.
Mobile apps

Mobile Apps: Cool apps for Android, iOS, and Windows

Free up your mobile phone’s and tablet's storage to give space to these cool mobile games and tools. Google PhotoScan Platforms: iOS, Android Price: Free Document scanning using your mobile device isn’t anything new, with...
Angely Dub

People@Speed: Angely Dub, world traveler

Angely Dub Owner, Access Travel and Tours Angely Dub, founder and president of Access Travel and Tours—the go-to travel agency of celebrities—had just gotten back from an eight-day trip to Bhutan the day...
TV show for geeks

10 TV shows you should be watching

Now that everyone has taken a keen interest on all things tech, sci-fi, and everything in between, it’s high time to relish in shows made by geeks for geeks.
Be a savvy saver saving

How To: Be a savvy saver

It’s time to make a few resolutions, and saving some of your hard-earned bucks should be one of them.
Cyberspace ai experiments websites

Cyberspace: Cool websites to visit

Spice up your exploration of the World Wide Web by visiting interesting, useful, and cool websites.

How To: Take great photos this holiday season

Here are some tips on how to take great photos to make sure that you can have the best holiday mementos.

Holiday hangover? Here’s why you should leave the car at home

Researchers monitored major social media channels to find out when people were most likely to post messages mentioning the word ‘hangover.’ Christmas Day came on top--no surprise there. But it's also...

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