BYD electrifies your journey

Electric and hybrid cars, electric buses and forklifts, and Skyrail announced


Chinese car manufacturer BYD is bringing in its electric vehicle range through Solar Transport and Automotive Resources (STAR) Corp. Leading the charge is the BYD Tang Hybrid Super Sport, a 7-seater plug-in electric hybrid executive SUV.

This SUV has two 150hp electric motors offering an 80-kilometer range in pure electric. This is supported by a 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine that eliminates any range anxiety. When used together, the engines push out a total of 505hp.

The Tang also has a feature called V2L (Vehicle to Load), which allows you to use your vehicle’s battery as a power source when you are off the grid. During the launch, BYD displayed several applications of this, where they powered a popcorn machine and a coffee machine in a camping set-up.

The P3,288,000 BYD Tang is now available for orders at authorized BYD dealerships in two colors: Timo White and Chocolate Brown.

Later in the year, the Tang will be joined by the 5-seater BYD e5 electric sedan and the e6 electric MPV.

BYD also showed off its electric forklift. Also using a lithium iron phosphate battery, it’s designed to last 10 years (4,000 cycles), reducing operating cost by 50 percent compared to lead-acid battery electric forklifts, and a whopping 80 percent compared to diesel-powered ones.

Furthermore, BYD also announced their partnership with the local governments of Iloilo and Bataan for the development of their Skyrail system.