HOOQ: Selectively HOOQing


HOOQ is a movie- and TV- show catalog promising over 30,000 hours of entertainment under its hood. Upon inspection, you’d see that HOOQ offers a wide array of TV series and movie collection, which is neatly classified by genre and source (local or international). It also comes with search features and filters for easy content hunting. Laptop 1   The best thing about HOOQ is its download and offline mode feature, allowing you to continue watching shows even when not connected to the internet. It’s a great company during long bus commutes. However, some more recent content aren’t downloadable as of the moment. Inside 01 With a 2mbps connection, I was able to play high quality films with little or few buffers. If you have a slower connection speed, I would advise going for a lower quality video for faster playback, which still proved decently viewable. A downside of HOOQ however is its quite outdated international content. The latest movies I found were mostly dated 2012 or older. The more popular new flicks include The Dark Knight, Thor, Ironman 2. Hence, it may not appeal to those on the hunt for the hottest and most talked about TV shows or films. Inside 02 But if you’re one into local telenovelas and Filipino films, HOOQ excels under this category, offering a more updated selection. Built-in subtitles come in handy too. While HOOQ offers various language options beyond English and Filipino, not all movies have available subtitles. Also, one thing you may want to consider is HOOQ’s lack of privacy options. You can’t customize your last viewed videos or hide content you play. Watch what you play, folks, especially when sharing devices. As for its pricing, a P199 monthly fee usable by up to five devices is still highly affordable, although it is a meager higher than some competitors. Overall, HOOQ may offer a vast collection, but it may not appeal to all types of viewers. What HOOQ does is it compiles your classic DVD collections and favorite TV shows into a portable app. It’s a throwback for the older generation who wants to view shows they miss and is more apt for subscribers who are into local TV shows and movies. Unless it amps up its arsenal of international series and movies, it may be too early to say that it has the capability to dominate its category.

Review by Antonio Jose Galauran