AT-800 Tough Rock: Bank on it


The little over eight hours it took for the AT-800 to charge from zero to 100 percent may seem a long time for people on the go, but the 8-hour charging time can surely take you a long way. I am using two smartphones with 1,980mAh and 2,500mAh batteries. With both drained to zero percent, I charged the phones while turned off. It took just an hour for the 1,980mAh device and barely an hour and a half for the 2,500mAh phone to fully charge. The AT-800 allowed me to charge my two smartphones up to the brink three times each before it ran out of juice. Of course, when my gadgets were on (and I am using them) while charging, it took the AT-800 longer to fill the 1,980mAh and 2,500mAh batteries: 3.5 hours and 4.5 hours, respectively. The AT-800 is a bit heavy for an everyday gear. But its weight is relatively inconsequential when packed with your outdoor or travel necessities. Aesthetically, the Tough Rock screams adventure with its sturdy, easy grip, and dust-, shock-, and waterproof design. I’ve accidentally dropped the AT-800 table-high twice and, after making sure that the port covers are secured, intentionally subjected it to rain as well as submerged it over night; it’s still working fine after all that. The AT-800 also comes with a powerful torch should you find yourself in certain situations where you will need an emergency light.

Review by Pat Calica First published on Speed January 2015 issue