November 2013


Speed’s November issue is as green as… 1.    Yoda The Force is truly with the Jedi Master as Star Wars makes our list of top 10 movie franchises. We’re as green as The Hulk, too; The Avengers is on the list as well. So, who’s greener?  2.    Green-minded geeks The people behind green Filipino startups ECHOcafe, Pedala, So True Naturals, and Manila Sole share their advocacies, while we hang out with GMA’s resident meteorologist Nathaniel Cruz to unearth his uncanny penchant for storm landfalls in People@Speed. 3.    Our face with envy We sit down with the architect who designed the 28-story The Globe Tower, where you can write on walls, check your email in a garden, get assistance from Globe service crew clad in Rajo Laurel threads, and buy food without cash. We’re sour-graping because The Globe Tower is actually an office building. 4.    Your face with envy We put together a list of sexy electric cars that may test your budget. Speaking of test, we get our hands on cherry-picked products such as the Huawei Ascend P6 and the Hyundai Accent Hatch CRDi. But among all the shiny toys this month, we love the Sony Xperia Z1 the most. See it in a four-page favorite-toy spread in Pole Position. 5.    A mistletoe Who would you want to be with under a mistletoe? Speed cover girl Jessy Mendiola, perhaps? She is more than the newest Pinay Thalia: she reads three books at a time, knows Muay Thai, and isn’t into the usual flowers and chocolates nonsense. Yes? Yes! Walk, run, or pedal to the nearest bookstore, subscribe (, or grab Speed‘s current and back issues on Zinio ( Print back issues are also available from the Speed office. For inquiries, visit or, email, or call (02) 374-6771 to 75.