December 2013


Tech Guy’s Guide to Life in Speed’s December issue Speed sifted through all the news—everything from gadgets to cars and tech events, to bring you the newsmakers that made the loudest bang in 2013. Pick at least one a day to pepper your year-end conversations with tech-guy swag. Speaking of tech newsmakers, HTC One max takes Pole Position, and the four-page spread that goes with it. We also played with the likes of Mini Cooper Paceman, Lenovo K900, and Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 to bring you our hard-hitting reviews. In movies, Derek Ramsay’s the guy that makes difficult decisions, like choosing between Anne Curtis and Cristine Reyes. In real life, he’s an actor, an athlete, and a self-confessed techie. No need to take notes. We’ve written down the ultimate guide to being Derek Ramsay down for you. Part of the Derek Ramsay swag is always having a fine watch. The watches in Speed’s Form Factor section are such lookers that you’ll waste precious hours just checking the time. Apart from all the wonderful things, Speed gives you useful tips. Make your mom a techie, keep your house safe for the holidays, organize a killer party, or just forget about all that and have a staycation. We give you practical how-tos, plus the latest books, movies, and gear to add to your holiday cheer, while guest writer Jim Paredes rounds up the year in cyberspace. Make like a reindeer and rush to the nearest bookstore, subscribe (, or grab Speed‘s current and back issues on Zinio ( For inquiries, visit or, email, or call (02) 374-6775.