August 2013


If having Marlon Stöckinger on the cover isn’t as dead a giveaway as we had hoped—get the gas pumping, gearheads, because August is Speed’s second Car & Bike issue of the year. It is page upon page of hot metal action as we feature the most affordable eye-candy cars on the market in Form Factor. We also took the latest cars from Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet, Nissan, and Subaru for a spin in Proving Ground. We try not to make favorites, but when faced with something like the new Range Rover, we become weak in the knees and follow its every whim, including a 4-page feature in Pole Position. We also help you choose your first motorcycle, and give you some peace of mind if this Fantasy F1 question has been plaguing you for the longest time: If Alonso were to race against Senna, who would win? We pack the usual good stuff in. Plus, we feature a side of Kara David you rarely see on the evening news: riding a motorcycle and looking like she’s fit to outrace any dude, any day. Race over to the nearest bookstore and grab a copy of our August issue. Better yet, sit back, subscribe, and let us come to you. For inquiries, visit or, email, or call (02) 374-6771 to 75.